• Granular Media

Activated Alumina

Ideal for enhanced adsorption of polar compounds and lipid filtrations.

  • Adsorption Selectivity: 6/10
    [ability to target specific compounds]
  • Adsorption Rate: 8/10
    [speed of compound separation/removal]
  • Fluid Flow Rate: 9/10
    [speed of solution through media]
  • Binding Affinity: 4/10
    [strength of adhesion to compounds]
  • Purpose

    Activated Alumina is a staple for oil purification methodologies, enhancing the performance of other adsorbents and improving control in separations of hydrophilic compounds. This media improves the chelation of heavy metals with our clay products, helps remove polar color bodies and odor causing compounds, and can modulate decarboxylation parameters.

  • Composition

    Measuring 600-1400 µm, Activated Alumina is a coarse granular, highly porous, pure aluminum oxide which has been thermally and chemically activated for polar surface functionality. It has high alkalinity (pH of 9-10), albeit with low solubility and high hardness, maximizing its process stability and bed strength.

  • Particle Size & pH

    Activated Alumina has a particle size of 600-1400 µm and a basic pH of 9-10.