Molecular Sieve Beads 10A
  • Pellet Media

Molecular Sieve Beads 10A

Ideal for adsorption of larger molecular impurities.

  • Adsorption Selectivity: 8/10
    [ability to target specific compounds]
  • Adsorption Rate: 10/10
    [speed of compound separation/removal]
  • Fluid Flow Rate: 9/10
    [speed of solution through media]
  • Binding Affinity: 6/10
    [strength of adhesion to compounds]
  • Purpose

    Our Molecular Sieve Beads 10A are used as static beds in gas and liquid process streams to selectively sequester impurities smaller than 1 nanometer (10Å = 1nm). The beads’ active sites are functionally polar in character which attracts entrained molecules by their dipole moments, capturing the most polarized within the aluminosilicate structure.

  • Composition

    Featuring a size range of 1.7–2.4mm in diameter, Molecular Sieve Beads 10A are compressed and thermally hardened spherical pellets of Type 13X zeolite with sodium cations and a buffered alkaline pH of 10.3. Molecules enter the crystalline lattice through pores measuring 10 angstroms (Å), accessing a vast internal network of ionically polarized adsorption sites.

  • Particle Size & pH

    Molecular Sieve Beads 10A has a particle size of 1.7mm-2.4mm and a basic pH of 10.3.