Molecular Sieve ProofUp Beads 3A 1
  • Pellet Media

Molecular Sieve ProofUp™ Beads 3A

Perfect for dehydrating water-laden ethanol after extractions.

  • Adsorption Selectivity: 10/10
    [ability to target specific compounds]
  • Adsorption Rate: 10/10
    [speed of compound separation/removal]
  • Fluid Flow Rate: 10/10
    [speed of solution through media]
  • Binding Affinity: 6/10
    [strength of adhesion to compounds]
  • Purpose

    ProofUp™ 3A Beads are used as a stationary bed in liquid volumes or streams to selectively sequester water without expanding or adsorbing any larger compounds or solvent molecules. The active sites are functionally polar, strongly attracting water and immobilizing it within the zeolite’s lattice structure.

  • Composition

    Molecular Sieve ProofUp™ Beads 3A are compressed and thermally hardened spherical pellets (2.5-5mm) of Type A zeolite with potassium cations (K+) and a buffered alkaline pH of 10.5. Only the smallest molecules can enter the crystalline lattice through openings of ≈ 3 angstroms (Å), accessing a network of ionically polarized adsorption sites.

  • Particle Size & pH

    Molecular Sieve ProofUp™ Beads 3A has a particle size of 2.5mm-5mm and a basic pH of 10.5.