• Powder Media


Best base for depth filtration and heavy metal removal.

  • Adsorption Selectivity: 5/10
    [ability to target specific compounds]
  • Adsorption Rate: 5/10
    [speed of compound separation/removal]
  • Fluid Flow Rate: 3/10
    [speed of solution through media]
  • Binding Affinity: 8/10
    [strength of adhesion to compounds]
  • Purpose

    T-5® is used as a filter aid to remove both fine particulates and larger molecules. The hardened nature of the clay provides support for separatory activities and its cation exchange capacity adsorbs positively charged metal ions for removal from your solution.

  • Composition

    Derived from naturally occurring material, T-5® is a thermally activated calcium bentonite clay with a pH ≈ 7. It’s made up of 5-200 μm hardened clay particles and features great surface activity and functional structure. T-5®’s inherently immobilized metal ions create a net negative charge, generating its capacity for adsorption.

  • Particle Size & pH

    T-5® has a particle size of 5-200 μm and a neutral pH ≈ 7.